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Forestry events published in PR


The President of the 12th State Forestry Congress of Rio Grande do Sul, professor Doádi Antonio Brena, was in Curitiba disclosing Forest Events to be held in May 2015 in Nova Prata. At these visits, the events of the forestry sector that will be held in May 2015 in Nova Prata were presented, the poster of the events was distributed, the invitation for the participation of teachers and students was delivered, and the establishment of partnership for the Sulbrasileiro Forestry Forum and the strengthening of events was proposed.

Prof. Mauritius Balensiefer, Head of the Department of Forest Sciences and CREA-PR and CONFEA adviror, congratulated the initiative of carrying out the joint forest sector events in Rio Grande do Sul, he highlighted the lack of events in the forestry sector in the Southern Region, the importance of its disclosure in the institutions and ensured the effective participation of DECIF in the events.

Prof. Sylvio Pellico Netto and Prof. Sebastião do Amaral Machado, of the Graduate Program in Forestry, were invited to participate in the opening panel of the South-Brazilian Forum of Forest Engineering , addressing the historical trajectory of Forest Engineering in Brazil. They accepted the invitation and promised to encourage their students to participate in events and send many projects to the Congress.
The coordinator of the Industrial Lumbar Engineering Course - Prof. Alan Sulato de Andrade praised the composition of forest events and said the south needs a forest event with this proposal and scale. He demonstrated his commitment in supporting and publicizing the event and secured the participation of teachers and students of the course.

On the Coordination of the Forest Engineering Course, promotional material has been left, since Prof. Coordinator Umberto Klock was away traveling. Finally, Doádi Brena kept in touch with Prof. Alfonso Figueredo Filho, of the Forest Engineering course at the State University of Center Western Paraná - UNICENTRO - situated in Irati - PR, Who volunteered to organize the visit of disclosure of events in Irati.