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Fair has a promoting entity


Believing in the growth of the productive chain of forest base, Associação Gaucha de Empresas Florestais- AGEFLOR - is participating in the initiative to promote the 5th Forest Fair as well assupporting the parallel events.

"We understand it is important for the society to know more and more the role of the forest sector in the economy of Rio Grande do Sul and Brazil as a sustainable production segment, "says John Borges, president of AGEFLOR.

According to Borges, the events are an opportunity to tell the public that the supply chain represents and is responsible for benefits in the environmental area generateing jobs and socio-economic benefits in general.

"Once people know the industry, they begin to support their initiatives," said Borges.

Despite the aspect of bringing to society what the industry does, the 5th Forest Fair is for AGEFLOR the reference event of the productive forest based chain. And, believing so, He will also bring it to Nova Prata, so that it occurs together with another edition of AGEFLOR Forest Merit Award. The award was established in 1984 recognizing public institutions, private companies and citizens who work or have worked with the forest sector at the national and regional levels.

Six issues of the authentic award ceremony of the gaucho forestry sector have already taken place, in which producers of seedlings and wood for many different purposes, traders and wood processors, furniture industry, wood exporters, chips and finished products, transporters, exporters have participated, as well as teachers, researchers and entrepreneurs from related segments.