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The President of Rio Grande do Sul Legislative, Mrs Silvana Covatti (PP) received on Wednesday morning (16), the directors of Futura Feiras e Empreendimentos, Nilvia Röhrlg and Roque Justen which were accompanied by the President of the RS Sindimadeira, Serafim Gabriel Quissini and of the Gaucho Association Executive Director of Forestry Companies, Jorge Heineck.

At the hearing, the President of the Legislative, alongside Deputy Elton Weber (PSB), were invited to the sixth edition of the Forest Fair to be held on the 4th, 5th and 6th of April 2017, at Expogramado, in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul.

Roque Justen pointed out that the current scenario of the forest-based sector encourages and promotes the implementation of the 6th Forest Fair, forest production-oriented and the productive chains, creating opportunities for conducting business, from seed to manufactured goods.

According to Justen, the support of the House in this movement is important as an incentive for producers and companies within the industry. The President of Sindimadeira-RS, Serafim Gabriel Quissini, strengthened the Parliament's support in the voting of the Project of Law of the Executive who rule the planted forests.

Relator of the Project of Law 145/2016, Weber said that the text communicates with the environment and economic development. "Many farmers when planting forests fail to get the raw material in the native forest. Besides that, with the activity, they generate income diversification in property."

The Forest Fair was established with the intention of introducing innovations in the field of forestry and industrial production technology, to forest-based products, enabling business, aiming to reveal the current status of the forest sector, its economic, social and environmental importance.

Therefore, its target audience are trade industries forest-based services, wood and chemical products, machinery and equipment manufacturers and professionals acting in the segments of the production chain.