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The Chairman-in-Office of the Council, Deputy Adilson Troca (PSDB), installed on the morning of Wednesday (23/11) the parliamentary front of Silviculture, which will be chaired by Deputy Elton Weber (PSB). The ceremony, which took place in the Júlio de Castilhos Room, brought together representatives of government agencies, civil society entities and forestry segment in Rio Grande do Sul. "Our goal is not to dictate rules, but to be a link in the Legislature to monitor the development of the sector. Our North is the environmentally correct tripod, socially fair and economically viable, "said Weber.

The initiative reveals the important scenario that the planted forests sector currently lives in Rio Grande do Sul, with the closeness of the voting of the Project of Law 145/2016 in the House, establishing the State policy for planted forests. According to the Deputy, the forest-based production chain in Rio Grande do Sul accounts for 326,000 direct and indirect jobs, covers some 3000 small, medium and large companies, has 420 establishments intended for the production of paper, in addition to two chemical companies that operate in the segment.

In this context, the 6th Forest Fair will be held on the 4th, 5th and 6th of April 2017, at ExpoGramado, in Gramado/RS. The organizers of the event, Roque Justen and Nilvia Röhring of Futura Feiras, accompanied the installation ceremony of the Parliamentary Front.

The President of the Front, State legislator Elton Weber expects the Project of Law 145/2016, latching the agenda of the Legislative Council, can be approved, making it more streamlined the licensing of small activities. "The project corrects some distortions and seeks to reconcile forest and environmental protection," said the legislator.

"We want to help the sector to continue with everything that is being accomplished, working especially in the bureaucracy issues that do not dialogue with the preservation of the environment," said legislator Weber.

The Front members Sérgio Turra (PP), 1st Vice President; Deputy Any Ortiz (PPS), 2nd Vice President; Edson Brum (PMDB), 1st General Secretary; and Marcelo Moraes (PTB), Second Secretary General. The first meeting of the Front is scheduled for the month of March.

Representing the Federation of industries of Rio Grande do Sul (Fiergs), Serafim Quissini also defended the de-bureaucratization of procedures to meet, especially the small planters. "Many times, small producers dismiss the activity due to bureaucratic obstacles", he pointed out.

The President of the Associação Gaúcha de empresas Florestais (Ageflor), Diogo Leuck, believes that the Parliamentary Front will give visibility to the sector, contributing to inform the society and disestablish myths in relation to forestry. One of them concerns the issue of environmental degradation. "For every acre planted an acre of native forest is preserved". In addition to help preserving, forestry is one of the agricultural activities that least uses pesticides and one of the most certified. In Rio Grande do Sul, 62% of planted forests have international certification against 22% in the rest of the country, " he revealed.

He still defended the approval of the Project of Law 145/2016, establishing the State policy for planted forests. "The project does not make it flexible, but desburocratizes the activity," he emphasized.

The President of FETAG - the Federation of agriculture workers in Rio Grande do Sul, Carlos Joel da Silva, stressed the importance of the activity to generate income on family farming. "We need to liberate the industry, which generates jobs and income, and help the State get out of the crisis," he stressed.

The Secretary of Rural Development, Tarcísio Minetto, representing the State Governor, José Ivo Sartori, noted that the approval of the PL 145/2016 is the first step to promote the industry and addressing the bottlenecks that hinder the activity. He recalled that the proposal presented by the Executive is the result of discussions occurring since 2008 and represents an integrated effort of various government agencies.

The installation ceremony of the Parliamentary Front of Silviculture was accompanied by Deputies Vinicius Ribeiro (PDT), Any Ortiz (PPS), Liziane Bayer (PSB) and Regina Becker Fortunatti (REDE), as well as representatives of Fiergs, Fetag, Farsul, Ageflor, Sindimadeira, Ngo Friends of the Forest, Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of Rural Development and Environmental Secretariat.