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Entities linked to the different segments of the forest-based production chain in Rio Grande Do Sul continue adhering as partners of the 6th Forest Fair.

FETAG-RS confirms partnership at the 6th Forest Fair.

FETAG-RS-Federation of agricultural workers in Rio Grande do Sul who has great expertise in the investigation and study of the agricultural issues, training of rural leaders, development and basic education of the farmer, encouraging unionization and cooperativism, among other cultural initiatives and assistance for farmers and rural employees confirmed partnership for the 6th Edition of the Forest Fair.

In most of the municipalities of Rio Grande do Sul, thousands of farmers practice forestry in different ways, with growing planting trees with economic purposes in the form of Agrosilvipastoril integration.

This is the reason behind the FETAG PARTNERSHIP, which will stimulate the participation of its members and simultaneous events related to the fair, among these the 4th CYCLE of LECTURES for FARMERS, to improve the knowledge, improvement of plantations and the quest for sustainability of small and medium-sized rural property.

FIERGS/CIERGS system are again Partners at the Forest Fair.

The institutions members of FIERGS/CIERGS system represents 114 Syndicates currently affiliated and CIERGS account for two thousand members. The entities have the same President, currently in second term Mr. Heitor Müller, and together represent the 47 thousand factories in activity in Rio Grande do Sul, which employ 680,000 people directly.

Around fifty Unions affiliated to FIERGS, host companies whose industrial activity is related to forest-based production chain, including the manufacture of wood, furniture and artifacts, construction industry, chemical industry, pulp and paper.

By the example of the two previous editions, FIERGS/CIERGS confirm Partnership, disseminating the 6th Edition of the Forest Fair and the simultaneous events, highlighting the 2nd SYMPOSIUM GAUCHO OF WOOD, the second FOREST AND ENERGY BIOMASS and the Forest Fair Distinction Award to be awarded to industries with a focus on innovation.

The 6° Forest Fair takes place from the 4th to the 6th of April 2017, at Expogramado, in Gramado/RS.

Make your reservation in advance and confirm the participation of your group or company at the fair and at the events.