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The 6th Forest Fair and simultaneous events has the support of the Department of economic development, science and technology-SDECT.

In the condition of Provided Partner ,SDECT will disclose the events within the framework of the State Government, coordinating actions with related bodies and institutions so that the forest and their simultaneous events in 2017 are a landmark of a new development phase through the Forest-based Production Chain. In particular, the Secretariat will develop efforts so that, in conjunction with SEBRAE/RS the BUSINESS ROUND focused on timber products will take place.

All the action of the secretariat will be focused on INNOVATION, through new technologies, in the area of wood production, development of new products and markets, supporting the participation of different actors in the supply chain and attracting exhibitors, visitors and professionals of different areas related to segment.

Simultaneously to the 2017 Fair, there will be the 4th cycle of lectures for Rural Producers, the 2nd Symposium Gaucho of Wood, the 2nd Forest Biomass and Energy 2 RS, Awards and, within the framework of the fair, New Talents Space/ Business Opportunities and the World of Wood.

The 6° forest Fair occurs between the 4th and 6th of April 2017, at Expogramado, in Gramado/RS.