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Published in the State Official Gazette of a Law establishing the Legal Framework of Planted Forests

A Legislation that brings a common ruling to the sector in Rio Grande do Sul was sanctioned by Governor Sartori

It was sanctioned by the State Governor, José Ivo Sartori and published in the State Official Gazette this Wednesday (15th), the law of 14,961 of December 13th 2016, establishing the creation of the State Agricultural Policy for Planted Forests.

The productive chain of Planted Forests has been waiting for about 8 years, the establishment of legal basis for referrals of public policies for the sector, for the resumption of development and the planting in the State with legal certainty. Through technical discussions, coordinated by the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, Ministry of the environment and with the participation of entities, a Bil was put together, led to the Government that was then forwarded for consideration by the Legislative Council.
"In March 2015, I received this demand from the industry . After analyzing the content, I talked to the Environment Secretary, Ana Pelini, where we created a working group, with the two Secretaries and technicians of the sector. After a lot of dialog,we put together this legislation that is suitable with and federal law. No doubt now, with the law sanctioned, the industry will be better able to grow and develop. This construction made by various hands gives certainty and ensures that we can resume the growth of this chain, so important socially and economically to the State of Rio Grande do Sul ", says Agriculture Secretary Ernani Polo.
In addition to establishing a new legal framework and creating standards for the forest sector, the project passes the coordination of the planning, implementation and evaluation of agricultural policy to the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, promoting the integration of sectors of the economy, aiming for the delivery of public policy development. The Forest Development Fund (Fundeflor) will be linked to the Secretary of Agriculture and the resources will be used in the development and implementation of programs for the sector and in actions that allow the balance between supply and demand of forest raw materials based on sustainability.

The regulatory framework is considered a great achievement for an industry that fell to 150,000 hectares in recent years due to the lack of legal security and excessive bureaucracy for planting. Currently, Brazil has 7,800,000 hectares of forest plantation and the State of Rio Grande do Sul accounts for 8% of the total area, with 593,000 hectares planted with Eucalyptus being 308,500 ha, there's pine and there are 100,000 184,500 Black Acacia. Forest-based industries are an important activity for the State, responsible for 4% of the State GDP, 7% of jobs and 3% of tax collection.

"This legislation arises as a result of long discussion among all sectors and good sense from all sides, bringing security to the productive sector as well as to environmental protection, so it is very good for the whole society," says Diogo Carlos Leuck, President of the Rio Grande do Sul Association of Forestry Companies (AGEFLOR).

Source: Alexander Carrion Farina-SEAPA/RS

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