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SWAN HOTELS - Hotels available for travelling on b


SWAN HOTELS - Hotels available for travelling on business related to the forest-based sector in Rio Grande and in Portugal

SWAN HOTELS, HOTELS networking with the forest-based production chain in Rio Grande do Sul and in Portugal, became the sponsors of the 6th Forest Fair and simultaneous events.

With a highly skilled team and a collaborative management, the hotels are present in strategic locations, offering comfortable and modern apartments, leisure and business infrastructure, and national and international cuisine.

Swan Tower Caxias do Sul is located in one of the main poles of the Serra Gaúcha, in the Centre of a region of forest and business tradition in the industry, trade and services related to forest-based production chain. In Novo Hamburgo, Swan Tower covers a good portion of the metropolitan area and Vale dos Sinos and Paranhana, with high level of business in the area of wood, artifacts and furniture industry.

In the Capital of Rio Grande do Sul, it has two addresses at disposition of those who come to the State – Swan Tower Porto Alegre and the Swan Business Moinhos – both in great location and close to the Salgado Filho international airport.

The RIO GRANDE unit, situated at the Port where forest-based products seep-pulp, logs, lumber, wood chips, pellets, forest resins and derivatives, chemicals from the forests are transported from; You can count on the comfort of Swan Express.

In SÃO JOSÉ DO NORTE, there is one more unit, which will be a point of reference for all those who come from the North of the State passing through one of the most forested regions, with several industrial ventures linked to wood, on the coast. In PELOTAS, centre of a region with high potential for development of the area of forest plantations, industries, trade and related services, the SWAN HOTELS already have an area and project for the construction of another unit.

Now also in Portugal, the gateway of Europe, and other related exporters can count on the care and comfort of the Lisbon Market House, in the city of Lisbon and Sintra Palace Bed & Breakfast, housed in a historic property with private gardens in the village of Sintra.

The SWAN HOTELS network will be celebrating 24 years of existence on the 6th of April.

Learn more about the SWAN HOTELS at www.swanhotels.com.br and on the Lisbon MARKET'S HOUSE:

SAVE THE DATE: 6th Forest Fair, which occurs between the 4th, 5th and 6th of April 2017,at Expogramado, in Gramado/RS. From 9:00 to 19:00

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