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Forest Fair on the agenda at the CICS SERRA


Forest events Ashland in Nova Prata which are to be held in May 2015 were presented at the annual meeting of the Association of Organizations Representing the Business Class of Serra Gaucha (CICS SAW) held on December 8, 2014 at the Business Center of Flores da Cunha.

Members of the CIC SERRA participated in the meeting,as well as authorities and guests, namely: Edson Vinicius Morello - President of CICS SAW and CIC Nova Prata; Vanderlei Dondé - Chairman of the Business Center of Flores da Cunha; Tiago Paviani - Vice Presidentof the Business Center in Flores da Cunha; Vitor Hugo Zenatto - Business Center Flores da Cunha; Roberto Dalle Molle - President of CIC Antonio Prado; Carlos Alberto Paesi - President CICS Farroupilha; Marcia Slongo Rigo - President ACISA Ipê; Luciano Lisot - CIC Guaporé; Daniel De Toni - CIC Bento Gonçalves; Gervársio Silvestrin - the CICS SAW Treasurer; Luiz Antonio P. Santos - Councillor, City Council representative of the Municipality of Flores da Cunha; Doádi Antonio Brena - CIC Nova Prata and president of the Forestry Congress; Nilvia Röhrig - director of Futura Fairs; and Iuruá Hoelscher -. Futura Fairs.

The director of Futura Fairs, Nilvia Röhrig, detailed the proposal of the 5th Fair of the Forest, the importance of its achievement in Nova Prata, toguether with the Forestry Congress and other events, and the partnership of AGEFLOR in promoting the Fair.
The President of the CIC Antonio Prado, Roberto Dalle Molle, said the event comes in good time, which is commendable for AGEFLOR to lead the promotion of fair,he wished success, and put himself at hand to assist in its dissemination.

The president of CICS SERRA and CIC Nova Prata, Edson Morello, sought the support and collaboration of all the for the dissemination of events in its bodies and also between members producing machinery, equipment and supplies for the forestry sector.