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Nova Prata City Hall supports Forestry Congress


The mayor of Nova Prata, Volnei Minozzo, confirmed to the president of the Forestry Congress Doádi Antonio Brena the granted allocation of one hundred thousand reals in the 2015 budget for the event. The amount will be passed to the director of the convention in March 2015 and added to the value of twenty thousand reals passed in 2014. The total for the event is the largest subsidy contributed by the municipality in the history of the Forestry Congress.

These municipal resources allow the planning and preparation of the details of the Congress in advance, showing the importance that the city is giving to the forest events that were brought to Nova Prata.

"No doubt, we are gathering the basic conditions for the realization of forest event Nova Prata, in 2015, with the grandeur and importance of the forest sector has in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, "Doádi said. "We need, however, competition and effective collaboration of companies and entrepreneurs of the productive forest-based sector for the first edition of the event to be a crowned with success and become the milestone of a new era for the Gaucho forest sector," he added.

The executive board of the 12th State Forestry Congress of Rio Grande do Sul is working on fundraising for the event with institutions of the financial sector, companies in the region, and companies and organizations in the forest sector in the State, in addition to traditional subsidiaries made available by the Municipality of Nova Prata.