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Tajfun presents Firewood Processor RCA 400 Joy


Tajfun, founded in 1979 and of Slovenian origin, will present at the Firewood Processor RCA 400 joy at the Forest Fair.

The RCA 400 joy makes forestry even more interesting to producers, with regard to the generation of income through the wood for energy.

The equipment is robust and reliable, with high production average. Its operation is easy and simplified, being operated by only one person. In addition to this equipment, visitors Will get to know the other equipment of the line Tajfun Brazil.

Get to know the differentials Tajfun solutions for the forest sector:

Forestry Winches:

The first Tajfun forestry winch was designed and manufactured in 1979. Since then, it has been receiving constant technological updates. The development of new models occurred along with every new demand, in many different forestry operations. The results of constant development of forestry winches are the following diferentials:
- System with Hydraulic Drive;
- Remote control Command;
- Extremely fast coupling to the tractor (3 points system);
- Front or rear mounting;
- High resistence traction system, dually mancalized, with double reduction and traction capacity of 35 to 100 kN;
- High efficiency and safety during operation;

Overhead Cableway

How about betting on overhead cables for flat areas? This is the solution that Tajfun presents to the Brazilian market. The innovation is a result of long experience in forestry, research and development of the company and promises to meet the demand for other equipment. The cableway MOZ 300 can be mounted on flat areas, but also works uphill and downhill. Factors that increase the cable-MOZ 300 to the top of the most modern and productive equipment of forest harvesting systems are:

- Compact construction of modern design;
- Exceptional mobility;
- Area change with speed and quick assembly system;
- Remote control with one or an optional two consoles;
- Hydraulic Additives with a closed hydraulic circuit;

Firewood Processor

The firewood processor Tajfun, established under the RCA trademark, is an intermediate solution to the biomass market, after all is not a chipper, but generates chipped wood. It is an excellent solution for companies that use boilers and furnaces, as the wood produced increases the energetic use of wood. The Tajfun firewood processor offers the following features:

- Minimal power consumption;
- Simple and quick installation for its operation and disassembly;
- Great productivity;
- Compact and of robust construction;
- Easy handling;


The Tajfun has in its line of products, cranes for recycling and forestry application, consisting of chargers for field applications, industries or patios,as well as recycling. Forestry winches, Wrecking claws and forest claws are also produced. With a wide range of products, Tajfun offers loaders with carrying capacity ranging from 60 to 261 kNm and longitudinal range of cranes with up to 14.5 meters. The swaying work area serves up to 425 °. Sideways folding cranes that will be availlable in Brazil: the 120Z and the LIV LIV 70T.
Options that are available for a more ergonomic operation:

- Hydraulically adjustable cabins whith air conditioning and heating;
- Proportional valves;
- Foldable Shelter;
- Heated seat;
- Remote control;
- Long timber support,
- Brake on rocker;
- Joint supports.

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