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Meet Nova Prata, headquarters of the Forest Fair


The city chosen to host the Forest Fair, Nova Prata, is 186 km from the capital of RS, Porto Alegre, at an altitude of 820 meters, located in the colonial micro-region of Alto Taquari, located on the upper slopes of the Northeast.

With four hotels and another two inns, with the hospitality support the cities of Bento Gonçalves and Veranópolis. The exact location of the Forest Fair is next to the Grêmio Pratense, traditional club in the city that will receive the State Forestry Congress. Stretching from the entry to Grêmio Pratense and extending to the land located between the avenues Luiz Marafom and Cônego Peres lies the exhibition area of the Fair. A central location in the city and also very close to RS 324 and BR 470 roads.

Authentic features of Nova Prata are the colonial properties, the distinctive dialect and the customs inherited mainly from Italian, Polish, German, Portuguese Immigrants and others. From the very start,farming is allied to the plant sxtraction, exploration of herbs and timber. The latter became the main activity in the region until the 1960´s. Today, with its heavily dissected structural terrain, the large basalt deposits of the formation of Serra Geral characterize the area. Living up to this , it is named the National Basalt Capital. Nova Prata has at the access and in the city center, artistic panels, lapidated in basalt, which depict stories and customs of its ancestors.

In addition, it has the beautiful Usina waterfall and the Thermal Water Park Caldas de Prata, perfect destination for those who want to relax or have fun, not to mention the quality of life. A place with a complete infrastructure to enjoy the charms of nature and to renew your strenghts. It has spacious and comfortable open and indoor pools, with water up to 41 ° C, water aerobics classes, combining leisure and health. Apart from the beauty of the open pools, the complex also promotes guided trekking, such as the Bromelias Trail, which takes visitors to cross a footbridge to get to know the other side of the Rio da Prata and also, the 200 meters trail surrounding the river, which allows access to the Usina Waterfall.

Another attraction is the Forest Nursery, which is in the downtown area, totaling 2.6 hectares. In this small area we can get to know a bushland composed of the most varied species. Among the main objectives, we can highlight the production and distribution of seedlings of native, ornamental and exotic tree species for forestation and reforestation. It has become a national reference since its creation in the production of native species seedlings. In the area there is a Seed Bag that stores and distributes seeds of about 150 species of native trees. Close to the Forest Nursery, the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, a place of prayer and devotion of local families. For Nova Prata, Our Lady of Lourdes has a lot of meaning and devotion to the Saint is the result of many graces granted.