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Forest Cranes is with IMAP


IMAP, located in Santo Antonio Patrulha, will be on the 5th Fair of the Forest. The company founded in 1975 whwn it produced the famous ``Retrinho┬┤┬┤, ditching arm totally idealized by its founders,it is today a major company, designing and building the most varied products, which emphasizes the giant Brazilian industry of telescopic cable cranes, with a capacity of 70 tons and considered to be the largest in Brazil. Located in the town of Passo dos Ramos, with ten thousand square meters of pavilions and modern machinery and equipment, the company recently more than doubled its industrial park, today counting on more than 200 employees.

Its main developed products are: aerial baskets, articulated and cable cranes, self-rescue winches, scrap and forestry cranes, agricultural and sanitation backhoes and hydraulic cylinders. Forest cranes are used in various loadings making use of forest claws, increasing its versatility, carrying logs in general with perfection.It works with articulated arms and telescopic arrows driven by hydraulic cylinders. The powering is made through hydraulic mobil type command of multi directional drive.