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Ecoporta is the highlight of Reflorestadores Unido


Reflorestadores Unidos SA, founded in 1968, pioneered the introduction of the species "Pinus Taeda" in the highland fields region of the Rio Grande do Sul with plantations distributed between the municipalities of Cambará do Sul and São Francisco de Paula, in more than 10,000 hectares, is another great forest-based enterprise that confirmed presence in 5th Forest Fair, which takes place between 12-14 / May in Nova Prata-RS.

Besides providing forest products directly to the consumer market, great part of the Reforesters States crop is destined to timber processing, according to the most modern production techniques, through the log sawing and drying processes controlled in fully automated greenghouses and further processing. The plants are located in Cambará do Sul and Vacaria, with production destined to the domestic market and also exported to several countries.
Reflorestadores Unidos and its Teada Pinus forests are located in the region of the highland fields of the State Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil. It consists in 10,000 ha of Pinus Taeda distributed in FMU - Forest Management Units - in the cities of Cambara do Sul and São Francisco de Paula which ensure the supply of raw materials for the industry, the sale of logs to other sawmills, small logs for the production of cellulose and biomass for power generation (bark and wood chips).

Its manufacturing process begins with the unfolding of the logs at the sawmill. After its split into planks, the wood is dried in greenhouses with controlled humidity between 8 and 12% through permanent monitoring. The next process is the raw wood processing for it later to be cut into blocks, looking to classify parts with the same qualitative characteristics seeking the best use. The blocks are joined together in the finger joint system, becoming parts called blanks which is the raw material used for manufacturing our products.

The products are available in natural form and also in primer painted background, in loose form and in kits, always protected with appropriate and palletized packaging. Among which are included components such as buffers, trims, skirting boards and the Ecoporta line.Produced in pine in the Beehive, Ribbed, Frame, Solid and Venetian models, the Ecoporta is also produced in the ready door kits, pre-assembled units that are comprised of a door, a set of stops, a set of gaskets for both sides, a set of hinges, a lock, damping rubber (optional), honeycomb or solid model, secured in the frame with vertical and horizontal limiters.