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Dacko produces seedlings and nursery equipment


In the Forestry market since 1990, Dacko operates in the production of equipment for nurseries and high quality seedlings. The company, based in Erval Grande-RS will take to the 5th Fair of Forest its various models of plastic trays, tubes and metal trays for exotic and native plants, as well as the complete line of equipment, such as compactors, tube washers, tray and tube sterilizers and and seeders in general. The company also manufactures and assembles the entire line of agricultural greenhouses, covers for clonal gardens, shade houses and vegetation. It works with shading screens, plastics and inputs such as osmocote, vermiculite, gel for planting use and the Dacko substrate (Canadian turf, rice husk, vermiculite and other nutrients).

The Dacko Nursery is composed of three units, two of which are in Rio Grande do Sul and a subsidiary in Pará. Together, they produce more than 30 million seedlings a year. Apart from clonal eucalyptus, they also produce Pine and Eucalyptus seedlings from certified seeds, native and noble plant seedlings such as Paricá, African Mahogany, Guanadi and Teak. The Dacko group operates throughout the national and international territory with its own logistics, product quality, more cost effective ,and commitment towards nature.