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Zanata Estufas Agrícolas(Agricultural Greenhouses)


Zanatta Agricultural Greenhouses of Passo Fundo is another company which confirmed participation in the 5th Fair of Forest in Nova Prata, 12-14 May. Managed through a system that continuously measures and improves the quality of each process used in the manufacture of its products and implementation of each service to their customer, Zanatta counts on highly trained Agricultural Engineers and Mechanics Who ensure technical consistency and compliance with the best cost benefit possible in project development, including a precise sizing in terms of mechanical strength and thermal load. A Zanatta greenhouse is different because, since its manufacturing process, it is made with care by the professional who has an excellent working environment and with all infrastructure and human development. In addition, it is constantly trained and improved in their activities.
Their major products are research centers, flower producers, grocery greenhouses, forest seedlings nurseries, fruit and ornamental greenhouses, among others.Among its products are air-conditioned greenhouses where the producer can choose the level of automation. There are control commands as well as on-off manual switches, ranging from simple timers or thermostats to controllers with algorithms., which use vapor pressure deficit between leaves, air and sap flow as input data to make decisions and send a signal output for the blinds, exhaust fans, pumps and valves.