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Vipal takes part in the 12th State Forestry Congre


Vipal Rubber has in its reconditioning DNA the constant concern with the environment. The very practice of reconditioning tires brings with it this care, since it prevents millions of tires from being discarded prematurely in the environment. This awareness will be taken in the form of information by Vipal to the 12th State Forestry Congress of Rio Grande do Sul, which takes place 12-14 May at the Auditorium of the Centro Empresarial Vicencio Paludo in Nova Prata (RS), hometown of the company.
The connection of Vipal Rubber with social and environmental issues has a long history. Since its foundation more than 40 years ago by the hands of the businessman who gives name to the event site, Vicencio Paludo, it was the first Brazilian company in the reconditioning industry certified by ISO 9002. Recognized worldwide for its technology, Vipal keeps in their factories practices of respect towards the environment such as rainwater utilization, wastewater treatment system, thermal comfort of industrial buildings, natural lighting, greenbelt, among others. In addition, Vipal Will show during the congress solutions and products that directly impact the environmental issue, as the line treads ECO, pioneering and exclusive technology of the brand which guarantees lower fuel consumption while preserving the environment.

The State Forestry Congress RS, held since 1968, brings whit this issue the theme "Forests and Society", providing opportunities for the discussion of current and thematic strategy on relations of forests to society, the environment and the economy. The event also opens space for the presentation of academic studies and show the progress of research and technological development in the forestry sector through lecturers and guest speakers.