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Nova Prata / RS begins its Forestry Week


A week to put the forest plantations into discussion. Under aspects of academic science, the management of profession , production and business, forest events of Nova Prata offer many different approaches to visitors. Anchored by the completion of the 5th Fair of Forest and the 12thForestry Congress of Rio Grande do Sul, discussions have started on Monday with the 1st Sulbrasileiro Forum of Forestry, an event that debate the defense of the profession and even its academic curriculum. The
The Congress, in its turn, has as a central focus the Forest and Society. The discussions on tuesday focused on the program of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Policy also the licensing of silviculture, especially in Rio Grande do Sul, where they are more rigorous compared with other states. The president of AGEFLOR (Gaucho Association of Forestry Companies), João Borges, defends the argument that there is a legal certainty so that they make investments in Rio Grande do Sul. "The rules must be clear and viable", he says.
The question of environmental legislation was also topic of the Cycle of Lectures for Farmers. Professor Rafaelo Balbinot from the Department of Forestry at UFSM Campus Frederico Westphalen brought cases demonstrating that the new Forest Code and the environmental suitability of rural properties is feasible. "Producers need to know in fact the characteristics of his property to know what He needs not only to meet the law, but to be sustainable," he explains.
Also in the cycle for producers, the forest officer of the Santa Catarina company Florestal Gateadoa, Alessandro Cordova, detailed to the audience the process of pine management in a sustainable way. He explains that it is important to monitor the plantations and it is essential the continuous forest inventory. From this, it uses the techniques and interventions from the pest control, cleaning and especially pruning and thimming. "Planting involving an exploration of 20-30 years, that is, medium to long term, to have a differentiation in the market only have value if technically they are managed efficiently," he says.
The 5th Fair of the Forest opened on Tuesday with 41 exhibitors, in many different links in the forest-based chain, nurseries manufacturers, supplies, equipment and wood furniture manufacturers. In the open area with exhibition of machinery and equipment, one of the highlights is the local manufacturer of forestry cranes Argos, who announced to the RS Government this week an investment of US$ 10 million in a joint venture with the Finnish Kesla.
This Wednesday, the highlight is the realization of the Forestry Merit Award AGEFLOR. Recipients are Tanac company, Senar-RS institutions, personalities of public area Ana Pelini (State Secretary for the Environment and Sustainable Development) and Walter Lidio Nunes of the private sector (Celulose Riograndense).